Brochures and Outreach Materials

NEAVS offers a variety of outreach and education materials for students, teachers, and active community members. Below are PDF versions of our most popular brochures, pamphlets, bookmarks, and postcards. If you would like to request copies of any of these items, please contact us here.

Brochures and Pamphlets

  • NEAVS brochure (pdf)
    A brief introduction to NEAVS and anti-vivisection.

Bookmarks, Postcards, and Posters

  • NEAVS bookmark (pdf)
    Includes 10 things our government officials can do to help animals.
  • Dissection postcard (front / back) (pdf
    Includes a short letter to encourage the use of dissection alternatives.
  • Dissection poster (pdf)
    Describes why animal dissection in schools is harmful to students, animals, and the environment and encourages the use of alternatives.