Vivisection or Science:: An Investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health

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As the stream of hi-tech drugs continues to multiply and a huge number of animals are used in medical experiments, debate continues about reliable methods for biomedical research and their adequacy in protecting human health from new products and procedures. In this book, a leading Italian medical researcher concludes, after years of himself practicing animal experimentation and vivisection, that the traditional reliance on these techniques is scientifically misplaced. Now available in a completely revised and updated English edition, Dr. Croce's classic work constitutes a powerful argument. He documents with a wealth of fascinating detail precisely how the scientific anti-vivisection movement has constructed a rational case, as opposed to a sentimental or ethical argument. He highlights the increasing dangers to human health resulting from the animal experimenters' assumption that the biological systems of humans and other species are sufficiently similar for valid biomedical comparison. And for the medical researcher, he provides an introduction to the range of alternative methods, including epidemiological research, computer simulation and in vitro techniques.