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Contribute to NEAVS: An Overview

Did you know…?

  • Over 90% of animals in laboratories are excluded from even the minimal protections offered by the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Animal researchers can withhold painkillers and anesthesia from animals if deemed “scientifically necessary” for the experiment.
  • Millions of animals still suffer and die each year in testing for products like makeup, toothpaste, shaving cream, and laundry detergent – despite the fact that the law does not require any of these tests.

The founding of NEAVS in 1895 was in response to the establishment of the first vivisection laboratory in the country (at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA). With your help, NEAVS is able to continue the fight to end the use of animals in research, testing, and science education —and replace them with non-animal alternatives that are ethical, humane, and scientifically superior. 

Generally speaking, the American public accepts the use of animals in research only when they are made to believe it is necessary and that the animals do not suffer. (For more information about vivisection, alternatives, why we believe what we do, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.)

Our supporters and donors are the heart and soul of NEAVS. We can only succeed in our mission because of people like you. 

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