How to Help

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Your donation of $30.00 or more will begin or renew your NEAVS Membership. You will receive our quarterly UPDATE newsletter as well as our Action Alerts, eNEWS, and other ongoing information about our programs and events.  

NEAVS also offers a special $15 membership rate for students and seniors.

Join Friends of NEAVS by making a monthly or quarterly pledge on your credit card of any amount that is right for you – an easy, convenient, and affordable way to give.  You can change or cancel your pledge at any time, and we’ll send you a receipt at year-end for tax purposes. 

Your donation of $500 or more puts you in our Leadership Circle. In addition to the standard membership benefits, you will have access to special President’s Reports, invitations to select events, and in-depth updates on latest developments.

Here are just a few ways that your membership makes a difference for animals in laboratories:
  • Advancing legislation such as the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, which once passed and signed into law will mark the day when chimpanzees become the first species other than humans protected from invasive biomedical research in the U.S., and when all federally owned chimpanzees are released from labs into sanctuary
  • Educating and encouraging consumers to purchase only those cosmetics and household products with a Leaping Bunny logo, the strictest 100% cruelty-free standard
  • Working for public policy change such as the Mandatory Alternatives Petition to require alternative non-animal testing methods to meet the FDA’s requirements to show safety and efficacy of drugs and products
  • Working with veterinary schools and campaigning against lethal veterinary and medical training on animals
  • Ensuring alternatives to the harmful use of animals at all levels of science education, including offering a free loan library of dissection choice resources
  • Researching the use of animals in laboratories and publishing peer-reviewed science papers disproving claims of their necessity, predictability for humans, and usefulness in finding cures, treatments, or preventions for human diseases.
  • National outreach and education through NEAVS websites, events, media outreach, educational ads, publications, and presentations
  • Supporting rescues and lifelong sanctuary care for animals rescued from research

Please contact us to find out more about how to help and how to become a member of NEAVS, one of the best and most effective animal protection organizations in the U.S. On behalf of the many nonhuman animals you are helping, please accept NEAVS' heartfelt thanks.