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Action Alert

Tell the NIH: Animal Welfare Must Not Be Compromised

NEAVS is calling on the National Institutes of Health not to weaken laws meant to offer minimal protections to animals in labs.  The NIH has released a request for information…

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Blog Post

NEAVS Report: 115,000 Animals Killed in Government Tests

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, NEAVS and White Coat Waste Project (WCW) released a new report exposing hundreds of cruel and outdated animal tests performed by the National Toxicity Program (NTP). "Toxic Testing" calls into question the…

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Featured Video

Created in partnership with We Animals, this short film shows the impact of weak laws on primates in labs. Watch it now!

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NEAVS Mission

dedicated to ending the use of animals in research, testing, and science education

Advancing Science

For Animals and Humans

NEAVS advances science and protects animals and humans through compassionate ethics and scientific evidence.

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Supporting Alternatives

In Science and Education

NEAVS works to replace outmoded animal research and testing with ethically, humanely, and scientifically superior alternatives.

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Protecting Animals

Sanctuary Support

Through our Sanctuary Fund, NEAVS supports animals rescued from laboratories. These rescues are rare opportunities to change the lives of former research victims.

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