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8th Grade Student from Vermont Receives 2018 ESEC Award

8th Grade Student from Vermont Receives 2018 ESEC Award

Congratulations to Caroline Banks—recipient of this year's Ethical Science Education Campaign (ESEC) Award—given to a student project focused on promoting awareness, compassion, and understanding of animals, and how good science can be accomplished without the use of animals. ESEC is a program of NEAVS.

The ESEC Award, which includes a financial grant to the recipient’s school to secure alternatives to dissection, was announced on Saturday, March 24th at the Vermont Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fair held at Norwich University. This annual event is now in its 59th year and NEAVS is honored to be a 2018 partner.

Miss Banks, an eighth grade student from Burlington, Vermont, was chosen as the winner for her project "Will it Lipstick?" to find a natural option for cosmetics, specifically lipsticks, without using harmful chemicals or inhumanly harvested animal products. And, as aptly stated in her project abstract, the goal was to “…use a better cosmetic option for lipstick. …which allows women to feel better about their products while still staying just as beautiful!”

NEAVS is proud of our long history encouraging students of all grade levels, like Caroline Banks, to explore creative advances in science without the use of animals! Congrats Caroline!

[Photo credit: Norwich University]

To learn more about ESEC, a program of NEAVS, please click here.