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Fall/Winter 2015 newsletter

Fall/Winter 2015 newsletter

Dear friend,

We are forged by fate, genes, environment, culture, and, importantly, personal choice. Along with our nature-nurture givens, we make decisions that make us who we are. Because people care, they have made choices that led to laws and practices that have eliminated animal suffering and death at the hands of humans. For example, many countries have already banned the use of animals in cosmetics testing. 

Cosmetics are the colors and scents we use to adorn ourselves. Beauty, hygiene, and health are among the reasons people buy shampoos, makeup, and perfumes. Cosmetics enhance our appearance and help combat the wear and tear of the elements and the years. 

While cosmetics are not essential, they allow human artistry to serve human form. Look, for example, at the Surma tribe whose aesthetic is as old as their culture. Or, the latest in eye make-up design and colors. Or, the deep reds or earth tones of ever changing lipstick fashion. Often our aesthetic mimics the colors and patterns of animals who have no need of cosmetics given their natural beauty. (One of my favorites: the eyes of the cedar wax wing [cover], which rival Cleopatra’s!) 

Within the realm of cosmetics, every woman and man can make choices that save animal lives. By purchasing products not tested on animals, we are “taking action.” Every day we are reducing the impact of toxicity, irritancy and other cruel and lethal animal tests, completely unnecessary to our safety. In fact, when we use cosmetics not tested on animals, we are typically using more natural ingredients, and products that result from alternative tests that are better predictors of the product’s worth and dangers. 

Will you make a personal choice today to replace your cosmetics with those not tested on animals? Our Leaping Bunny logo is your assurance of no animal testing of the final product or its ingredients. Please, join the millions worldwide who have already banned the use of animals in cosmetics testing. Call your U.S. federal legislators and ask them to support the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858). Tell them that doing so helps you feel beautiful inside and out because you are helping to change the world. 

For the animals,

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

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