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Help Shut Down Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Help Shut Down Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Update: This petition is now closed. 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has filed a second complaint against the Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) animal research facility. Filed on Nov. 4, 2014, it calls for a suspension or revocation of SCBT’s dealer license.

SCBT has a lengthy history of alleged and actual Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations, resulting in needless additional pain for animals already suffering in labs. For years, NEAVS has called on the USDA, charged with enforcing the AWA, to revoke SCBT’s license. We would also like to thank our supporters for writing letters. Unfortunately, SCBT has continued with business as usual.

This is the third AWA enforcement act against SCBT since 2005. According to the Animal Welfare Institute, violations include repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care, research oversight violations, as well as failure to provide fresh, nutritious food, and ensure procedures avoid or minimize animal pain and distress. 

Notably, the USDA charges that for months SCBT denied inspectors access to an entire site with more than 800 goats – and would not even acknowledge its existence. Once given access, inspectors found numerous goats suffering and in need of immediate veterinary care.

Take Action

Email USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack today, and demand the USDA revoke SCBT’s license for its unacceptable and inhumane practices while also imposing the maximum fine. It only takes seconds with our simple form.

Infrequent and meager fines are not sufficient for facilities, such as SCBT, which are in breach of the minimal standards of animal care required under the AWA. Labs such as SCBT apparently consider such minor punishment for non-compliance as a cost of doing business. The USDA must implement serious consequences to ensure real change, and send a strong message to facilities continuing to profit in spite of the avoidable animal suffering and death they cause. The standards for animal care and well-being defined by the AWA are in themselves not enough, but they offer at least some level of minimal protection.

You can be a voice for the animals! Tell the USDA that companies abusing and neglecting animals should have their licenses revoked immediately, and that the public is counting on the agency to do right by its mandate to protect animals.