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NEAVS Partners with Renowned Animal Photographer to Showcase the Lucky Few Rescued from Labs

NEAVS Partners with Renowned Animal Photographer to Showcase the Lucky Few Rescued from Labs

For nearly 120 years, NEAVS’ strategic advocacy has delivered consistent victories for animals used in science. Some of these, such as an NIH decision protecting chimpanzees from use in research, we achieved through partnerships with organizations like Fauna Foundation.

Now, we’re excited to present another collaboration: an exhilarating photographic journey. Join us as we commemorate some of the animals that have been recently rescued from research and education, while also remembering those still suffering alone in silence. Through the lens of photographer and animal advocate, Jo-Anne McArthur, you will share in the courage and spirit of these animals (read an exclusive NEAVS interview with Jo-Anne). 

Jo-Anne masterfully crafts a narrative for each animal with her unique and unrivaled ability to connect with them and their stories of survival. As we bridge the divide between animals who have been rescued, and those still languishing in the darkness, NEAVS persists in our mission to bring all into the light so they may enjoy life as it should be – as a celebration!

In our most recent UPDATE newsletter and future NEAVS material, we are featuring McArthur’s work. These stunning images, which bring out animals’ personalities like none other, reinforce the importance of our mission. In direct contrast to advocacy photography that bears the brutal and violent truth of their suffering, NEAVS is focusing on the positive – the rescues! The fruits of our partnership will also be featured on her blog.

After meeting Jo-Anne we were immediately enamored with her work and soon developed a plan to send her around the U.S. to capture many of the special animals NEAVS helped rescue and now supports. Through her photos we actually meet them, instead of just seeing them as victims. They tell their own stories best: their lives’ vibrancy offers a heart-warming counterpoint to those suffering in labs. And it is these stories that fuel our strength to continue our hard work to end the unnecessary use of animals in science.

For more than a decade, Jo-Anne has documented the lives of animals in more than 40 countries on all seven continents. Her first book, 'We Animals,' was published in 2013 by Lantern Books. For NEAVS’ collaboration, Jo-Anne held photo shoots at the following sanctuaries: Center for Great Apes, Fauna Foundation, Jungle Friends, Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (home of horses Dante, Tara, and Tie, rescued from the hormone replacement therapy drug industry and adopted by NEAVS), Save the Chimps, as well as a Beagle Freedom Project gathering, an MSPCA shelter, and the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society shelter. In addition, she shared with us previous work from Animals Asia in Vietnam (home of NEAVS’ adopted moon bear, Shima, for whom we provide lifetime support).