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Summer 2016 newsletter

Summer 2016 newsletter

Dear friend,

NEAVS has been working to prevent the export of eight chimpanzees from Emory Yerkes Research Center to Wingham Wildlife Park in the U.K. The export would weaken Endangered Species Act protections, would open doors for other labs to ship chimpanzees worldwide, and is just plain wrong because every chimpanzee exploited in research deserves nothing less than retirement in U.S. sanctuary.

Our work for chimpanzees began with the rescue of little Arthur and Phoenix, sold from a lab to a shabby roadside zoo. Today, the fate of Lucas, Fritz, Agatha, Tara, Faye, Elvira, and Georgia awaits the court. Will they be shipped to be on exhibition in a zoo or find peace in U.S. sanctuary? When we began, Abby was part of this group. In a court footnote, we learned Abby, who would have been 21 in May, died in February purportedly during a veterinary procedure at Yerkes. Now there are seven… 

This UPDATE summarizes some of our accomplishments; igniting worldwide conservationists’ support against the export for its potential dire consequences; pushing back the export twice; joining with those who know these chimps; and developing promising legal arguments in the hands of Katherine Meyer, Esq. 

Each animal we help reaches other species and the millions sacrificed in the antiquated industry called “animal research.” For each individual served, millions benefit as we dismantle an industry long overdue to be assigned to history books.

With the Yerkes 8 (yes, seven, but Abby remains in our hearts!) we are making certain no U.S. lab will be able to send any chimpanzee off to ‘pseudo’ retirement—a life condemned to being on exhibition.

You know our tenacity—it is part of why NEAVS is your organization. You trust we are focused; that each campaign has rippling consequences; and that everything we do is part of our overarching strategy that will one day end the use of all animals in labs.

NEAVS set the course to end chimp research. U.S. animal protection groups joined in to carry the torch. Together we succeeded. Now we must get every single chimpanzee safely to sanctuary!

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

To read the full newsletter, you can download Summer 2016 UPDATE here.