How to Help

Take Action

In the U.S. alone, millions of animals – including rabbits, cats, dogs, and monkeys – are used in research, testing, and science education. With your help, we can protect animals together. NEAVS advocates for replacing animals with modern alternatives that are ethical, humane, and scientifically superior.

Advocate for Animals
Visit our action center and use your voice to help animals in need. 

Take the Cruelty-Free Pledge
"Take the leap" and pledge to only purchase products from companies that do not test on animals during any phase of product development. And don’t forget to send out the link to all your family and friends asking them to do the same.

Connect with Us on Social Media
We are on the cutting edge of progress made for animals in labs and we want the world to know we are as a reliable source for all related information. You can help by following us on Facebook and Twitter

Educate Others
A surprising number of people have no idea that invasive medical research on animals still occurs and they are outright shocked to learn the U.S. still happens. The first step to bringing about change is by letting people know a problem exists, and that there are better alternatives - our FAQ page is full of great talking points & info!

Shop iGive and/or AmazonSmile
Install the iGive app on your web brower, smartphone, or tablet and it will generate donations for NEAVS from your online purchases. Another option is signing up at AmazonSmile so that every generates donations too! 

Encourage Your Favorite Brands to Go Cruelty-Free
Are the companies you buy your products from Leaping Bunny-certified? You can check here! If they aren't, you can contact them and encourage them to go cruelty-free. The Leaping Bunny is the only standard guaranteeing a product is 100% free of new animal testing. 

Ask Friends and Family to Go Cruelty-Free
Download the free Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide app for your smartphone. If you would like printed copies, then email us at and we'll send you pocket-sized brochures. 

Urge Your School to Drop Dissection
If your high school or college still conducts animal specimen dissection, then reach out to them about dropping dissection. Visit Ethical Science Education Coalition (ESEC) for info about dissection choice & more. 

Make a Donation
The amount is up to you, but just know how thankful we are for any donation you give! You can make a one-time donation or contribute monthly!